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How To Get A Job In Shell Nigeria- Shell is one of the leading oil companies not only in Nigeria but the world at large. Every year, Shell opens its portal to accept applications from interested candidates. It is usually a very competitive process, as everyone loves to work with shell. Who doesn’t want a good salary and a good life? In this post, we would be giving you some guidelines on how to get a job in Shell Nigeria.

Requirements To Get A Job In Shell Nigeria

  • B.Sc or its equivalent from a recognized university or polytechnics
  • Minimum of 5 credits in WASSCE, NECO or equivalent
  • Proficiency in IT skills
  • You must be a Nigerian
  • Applicant must be between 18-35 years
  • Must be highly proficient in the use of English both written and oral
  • Must be able to work with little or no supervision
  • Have a crime-free record

How To Apply For Job In Shell Nigeria

If you are interested in getting a job in shell Nigeria, then follow these steps:

  • Visit the website https: // shell. com. ng/ careers
  • Click on explore current vacancies
  • If you find a job that fits your qualification, go further to click on “send your application online” button.
  • Fill the form that pops up and upload the required documents
  • Cross-check and then submit.
  • If you don’t find any suitable, no need to worry
  • Sign up to create a personal profile
  • You will be contacted when a suitable vacancy shows up
  • You can also join the shell Talent community to get updates on career opportunities , projects and events in your area of expertise

How To Know If You Have Been Shortlisted For A Job In Shell Nigeria

After application process is closed, Shell Nigeria will go ahead to publish the name of shortlisted candidates on their website. So, you would need to check their website if you want to know if you have been shortlisted for a job in Shell Nigeria, https: // shell. com. ng/ careers.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to sit for a pre-screening examination in strategic locations around the country. Any candidate who does not turn for the screening exercise will automatically be disqualified. It is important that you arrive early at the examination venue with all the required documents

Salary Structure Of Shell Nigeria

Shell is one of the highest paying companies in Nigeria. Little wonder, people rush to apply for job in Shell Nigeria whenever the applications are out. Currently, entry level staff at shell Nigeria is paid 2,500 USD monthly .

Other positions in Nigeria and their pay are listed below:

  • Business Development Manager-  2. 5 million naira monthly
  • Senior Metocean Engineer-        2.2 milion naira per month
  • Senior Production Engineer –  2. 1 million naira monthly
  • Production Engineer –   2 million naira monthly
  • Mechanical Engineer-   1.8 million naira per month
  • Engineer –    1.5 million naira per month
  • Team Lead-  1.4 million naira per month
  • Commercial advisor-  1.4 million naira per month
  • Information Analyst –  1.3 million naira per month
  • Mechanical supervisor-  1.2 million naira per month
  • Safety supervisor-  950,000 naira per month
  • Flow Assurance officer- 800, 000 naira per month
  • Maintenance planner- 618, 000 naira per month
  • Web developer-    500, 000 naira per month
  • Contract coordinator –  470, 000 naira per month
  • DD Analyst – contract- 450, 000 naira per month
  • Operations Manager-    400, 000 naira per month
  • Computer Engineer – 390,000 naira per month
  • Occupational Health Nurse- 300,000 naira per month
  • Contractor planner-  290, 000 per month
  • Interns     – 95,000 per month

Other Tips To Help You Get A Job In Shell Nigeria

Optimise your CV

Your CV is the very first but vital stage in the application process. It is actually the very 1st impression you will give of yourself. It is the platform that you can use to display your skills and achievements

Here is how to optimize your CV

  • Let your CV be updated
  • As much as possible, restrict your CV to two pages and present it on a simple layout
  • Don’t just make statements about yourself. Be sure to back them up with evidences
  • Ensure your LinkedIn profile is updated, this will aid the filling of the application form
  • Use headings when structuring your CV: Education, Career, Personal details, etc.

Stages In Selection Process For Job In Shell Nigeria

1. The Online Assessment                                                                                 

  • You are required to complete online assessment in 10 days. However, it is advisable you complete in the shortest possible time and submit.
  • You should take the assessment using a desktop, laptop or large screen tablet.
  • Choose a quiet place to take assessment
  • Be sure to read the questions carefully
  • Don’t waste too much time on one question
  • The assessment is in two categories: Practice Test 1 and Practice Test 2

2. Working Style Assessment

Before you take this assessment;

  • Research very well about shell , its mission , values, etc.
  • Gather examples and instances in your previous work experience
  • Be confident and answer all questions with honesty, be yourself.

3. On-demand Video Interview

  • Get a good internet connection, webcam or microphone ready
  • Ensure the place is well-lit and you have a good view of yourself
  • Take sometime to meditate and reflect on why you want the job  and also about your outstanding past experiences.
  • These are the recommended browsers: Chrome, firefox, safari,

4. Final Assessment

  • You will be given a case study before interview, take time to do some justice to it before the interview.
  • Be ready to make presentation to your assessors and answer any of their questions
  • Ensure you are calm and composed for the period of the assessment , usually 2 hours 30 minutes.
  • Its not time to worry about what you don’t know. Focus more on what you know, your skills, ability and expertise.
  • Be sure to research about Shell very well before the D-day
  • When asked a question, be sure to gather your thoughts before you reply
  • Let your answers be relevant to the question asked
  • Keep some questions to ask the interviewer at the end.

About Shell Nigeria

Shell is one of the leading energy companies in the world, playing a vital role in helping to meet the ever increasing energy demand in the world.  Shell Nigeria has been in operation for over 50 years, with the largest footprint amongst other oil and gas companies in the country.

The business activities of Shell Nigeria include:

The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC)

This stands as the largest shell company in Nigeria. The company produced Nigeria’s first commercial oil exports in 1958. SPDC serves as the operator of the joint venture (SPDC JV) between NNPC, SPDC, Total E & P Nigeria limited & ENI subsidiary Agip Oil company limited. The venture focusses on onshore and shallow water oil & gas production in Niger Delta, Nigeria.

Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCO)

SNEPCO is the operator of Bonga field, the very 1st deep water oil discovery in Nigeria. This facility has the capacity to produce 200,000 barrels of oil daily and 150MM standard cubic feet of gas daily.

Shell Nigeria Gas (SNG)

It operates as an international oil and gas company, distributing and supplying gas to clients in Nigeria.

Nigeria LNG (NLNG)

It was incorporated in Nigeria in 1989 as a joint venture. NLNG produces LNG and natural gas liquids for exports.

Final Word

So if you desire to get a job in Shell Nigeria, you should start the application process now. Get to the website and start the application. Don’t forget to follow the tips shared in this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Shell Nigeria pay their staffs?

White collar staffs at shell earn about 2,000 USD monthly

Does shell offer work from home job roles?

Yes. Shell is a company that believes in ensuring their staff have a sustainable work environment that will promote work life balance. There are roles that are usually part-time and some are totally virtual.

Is working in shell a good choice?

Yes. Shell is a great company to work with . Their staffs enjoy great work life balance, career growth and also live good life as the pay is very robust.

What is involved in Shell graduate progam?

Shell graduate program is aimed at giving you a purpose-driven career. The programme comprises a learning framework that includes both internal and external courses. It also includes on the job-training that will help you acquire the skills needed for you to succeed .

What is the duration of Shell graduate program?

This depends on your chosen field. But averagely, the shell graduate program last for about 3 years. It usually mark the beginning of a career-long development programme.

Do you get paid on a graduate programme?

Yes. You receive salary like a normal job with the regular benefits enjoyed by employees. However, not everyone on the graduate program get to be retained, only a few successful ones.


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